Funicular Špindlerův Mlýn - Medvědín

Funicular Špindlerův Mlýn - Medvědín

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Place:Špindlerův Mlýn
Address:543 51 Špindlerův Mlýn 281
Phone:+420-499 467 101, 725 372 361 (8:00-17:00)
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Description of funicular and services:
The funicular has started to work in the year 1975 and its length is 1950 m. Lower station is situated in Špindlerův Mlýn 864 m above the sea level and upper station under the top of mountain Medvědín. The funicular overcomes the difference in elevation 440m. It works every 30 minutes. Possibility to go with bike.

Franchisee: MELIDA, a.s.

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